RICHTER always pays attention to how comfortable their shoes are. Comfortable fasteners (velcro, zipper and cords) make wearing and dragging the shoes very comfortable. High-grade shoes with cords and side zippers has a special velcro clasp that protects from zipper unintentionally opening.

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RICHTER has a WMS certificate, and children's footwear is manufactured at two latitudes. The WMS certification is also for children's footwear manufacturers such as Superfit, Ricosta, Kangaroos, Kappa, Daumling and others.

RICHTER shoe insoles are always made of natural materials - leather or felt. These materials are air-permeable and provide a comfortable microclimate in shoes.

Kids in their footwear, jumps, run, somewhere in the field and doing all kinds of activities. The soles of the shoes must be well-tied to ensure the child's well-being and serve well in a wide variety of weather conditions. RICHTER provides this kind of soles for your footwear.

RICHTER shoes are very durable thanks to a carefully selected range of materials. The lining of the shoes is breathable, fast drying and provides high comfort. The SYMPATEX membrane helps the shoes to be waterproof and breathable.

FitMi - one shoe - two widths!

The FitMi concept, developed by RICHTER, allows you to adjust the internal volume of the shoe with the help of a double insole. Footwear is worn with both inside, but when you remove one of the insoles, the inner volume of the boot increases, which allows this footwear to continue to wear when the child grows up.

Richter Shoes

Richter history

In 1893, Teresa and Venzell Richter started a small shoe manufacturing workshop in the Austrian city of Linz. After many years of work on footwear for men, women and children, the family business was taken over by Teresa and Venzel's son Ferdinand. Soon, Ferdinand decided to specialize solely in the manufacture of children's footwear. He realized his intention in close cooperation with children's orthopedic specialists.

In 1949, Ferdinand and his wife bought a large plot of land near Linz and built their first large plant there. Three hundred years ago, 200,000 pairs of children's footwear were manufactured at this production facility.

In 1968, Richter's couple exported their children's shoes to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Germany.

RICHTER, along with other children's footwear manufacturers, developed a shoe size system that is used for children's shoes in Europe.

Ferdinand worked very hard on the solution to protect the baby's feet from getting wet in the cold seasons. In 1987, he proudly presented the first children's waterproof and breathable leather shoes.

After years of hard and interesting work in 1999, the Richter family sold its business to the Kapsch family of entrepreneurs.

In 2001, the company RICHTER started the production of children's footwear in a new factory, which was purchased in Slovakia.

Every year there are a little more than 1,000,000 shoe pairs made.

Richter shoe materials

RICHTER uses the following materials for the production of your footwear:

- NAPPA leather - ultra soft and durable leather

- LAKAD - Dried leather coated with two component polyurethane, producing a glossy surface with a mirror effect.

- SUEDE skin - The surface of the skin is polished, and it is made smooth and soft.

- TEXTILES - predominantly made of cotton and very air permeable. It dries very quickly if it is wet.

- TEKBUKS – abrasion resistant leather imitation.

- NEOPREN - high quality, widely used polymer material, which has high elasticity and durability.


- Skin lining - A thin leather lining is distinguished by several excellent qualities. It provides the best heat and moisture exchange for shoes. It is breathable, pleasant in contact with the skin, elastic and flexible.

- Textile lining - very breathable and pleasant in contact with the skin. In addition, with good sweat absorption ability, providing a pleasant environment for shoes.


- Flint lining - Flux is a lightweight material that maintains warmth, is breathable and fast-drying

- Plush lining - is thicker than fleece, with even better thermal properties, pleasant skin contact, breathable and fast drying.


Richter offers many shoe models with a waterproof and breathable Sympatex membrane. This is the world's thinnest and most flexible membrane that provides 100% water and windproofness and optimal breathing.

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