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Running gait analysis

What is gait analysis? Running gait analysis is a method of biomechanical deviation during the movement – in other words, it is a way to measure your progress while ...

14 November 2018


What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a bike without pedals, which helps the child to learn a sense of balance and to develop the skills to ride a bike. In a ...

13 November 2018

How to choose cycling clothing

How to choose cycling clothing Cycling clothing will make riding a bicycle more comfortable, enjoyable and will allow you to cover longer distances. Cycle to/from ...

12 November 2018

MySport is a company created by fit and active like-minded people – a specialized sports shop, where everything you can find all the necessary things for cycling, running and cross-country skiing. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, amateur or beginner, we have the necessary equipment and accessories for everyone.

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