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Children's bicycles are different, they must be chosen according to the child's age and height. In order to promote the physical activity of children and to enable each child to choose the right bike, we have provided a wide range of children's bicycles: balanced bikes, 12 ", 16", 20 ", 24" and teen bikes. Equilibrium bikes are suitable for the smallest ones who are learning to balance. 12 "-16" bicycles for children who learn pedal cycling skills. With 20 "cycles, the child learns the ability to change speed. 24" and teen bikes are the same as adult bikes, only smaller ones.

The ergonomics and safety of childrens bikes are increasing every year, cycling is easy and comfortable, so children have great pleasure and desire to ride a bike. At the bottom of the page you can read how to choose a childrens bike.

Childrens Bikes
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How to choose a childrens bike

Remember your enthusiasm while driving with your first bike? Most likely, no, but the bike is definitely one of the gifts that a child will never forget.

The bonus for cycling is to improve and strengthen the health of children through regular exercise in the fresh air. It's great that a child can ride a bicycle from the age of 1.5 years. At the beginning, it is desirable for the child to be given the opportunity to ride with a balance bike.

Children grow fast and a one-size-bike for small children is for 1-2 years and for bigger children 2-3 years. Yes it is a fact! That is why, when choosing a bicycle for your child, parents often have a desire to purchase larger sizes for several years. But keep in mind that in order to keep the child interested in cycling, he must feel safe on the bike and must be able to drive with confidence on his own.

Childrens Cube Bikes

If you choose a bike for a kid who is too small, then he may feel stupid and uncomfortable on this bike because he needs to travel to the rough. By choosing too big a bike, cycling can be difficult and difficult to control, which can affect the child's confidence on his own.

At present, children bicycles are available in a very wide range and in different sizes, so we have prepared a short tutorial - how to choose a children bike size

The best way to choose the size is to take into account the height of the child.

When we choose an adult bike, we choose the bike according to the size of the frame. But when it comes to childrens bikes, the main dimensional choice point is the diameter of the wheels. This is because the frame and all parts for the childrens bike are proportionally adjusted to the diameter of the wheels. Children's wheels are usually divided into the following sizes: 12 ", 16", 20 ", 24", and 26 "children's bicycles are available.

So, how to determine which bike size is best for your child?

You can choose a bicycle for your child based on our table of sizes, which you can see below.

Jāizmēra bērna augums un iekšējo kāju augstums centimetros un skatāmies tabulā.

The height of the child and the height of the inner legs in centimeters must be measured and viewed in the table.

Age Height Inner leg Height Wheel Size
2 -3 85 - 100 cm 35 - 42 cm 12"
4 -5 105 - 120 cm 45 - 55 cm 16"
5 - 8 120 - 135 cm 55 - 63 cm 20"
8 - 11 135 - 145 cm 60 - 72 cm 24"
11+ 145+ cm 70+ cm 26" un 27,5"

The size chart is not the only thing that you have to look at. Consider it as a recommendation.

The size chart is not the only thing to consider when purchasing a childrens bike. Please, take it as informative info. Let the table give you an idea of why the child needs a specific size.

The most important thing is for your child to climb on a bike and take a test ride. So you will see whether the child on the bike feels comfortable and confident about himself. You have to take into account also how the child is sitting on a bicycle, is it not too tall and not too stretched trying to reach the handlebar and pedals.

Trust the MySport Store specialists who will always be able to tell if the size of the bike is right for your child.

It's important to find a suitable bike for your child

Safety is the most important. This is the reason why you should not buy too big of a bike for your child, wait for the child to grow until the size is appropriate. When the child stays on both feet, (full feet) above the frame's upper trunk, there must be a free space of at least 5 centimeters. If the upper tube is up to crotch, then if necessary the child will not be able to jump fast off the bike without injuring himself. When child gets up on fingertips, he must be able to sit on a saddle put one foot on the pedal and start riding.

Once the child has climbed onto the bike and started to ride, the sitting posture should be much less vertical and the knees should not hit against the handlebar. At the same time, the legs should not be completely tensed when trying to reach the pedals, the legs should always be slightly concaved.

The child must be able to easily turn the handlebar. It should not be possible that in a faster turn the child with one hand (further) can no longer reach the handlebar. The smaller bikes have higher handlebars with protrusion closer to the child's hands, making it easier to steer.

The expert's opinion is invaluable

Never underestimate the tips of MySport Store experts. In a few minutes, which you will spend in our shop - consultation with an expert, you can save a long research process on the Internet. Finding all the answers on the Internet often has to deal with a lot of different opinions, making it even more difficult for a bicycle rider to choose from. Our expert will tell you everything and will help you choose the most suitable bicycle for your child.

Why do some childrens bikes seem to weigh as much as an adult?

At present, children's bicycles are already quite light and very heavy are just the cheapest bikes that use heavier materials. Now, every prominent bicycle manufacturer also have a light baby bike with aluminum frame and high quality components. For example, a lightweight 24 "Stevens or Ghost Aluminum Bike weighs from 9.9 - 11.3 kg. It is important that the baby's bike is as light as possible. With a lighter bike, it's easier for a child to push pedals and drive forward. We recommend getting the bike as light as possible.

We start to drive from early day's

Balance bike: 2-3 years old children.

The earlier the child starts riding the bike, the more likely he will be riding more comfortably when he gets older. A great way how to start riding the bike is to choose a balance bike that will develop basic skills for the child.

Balance bikes do not have pedals and most often they dont have brakes. They help develop skills of using inertia, developing balance and driving a bike. They can be safely used indoors.

Small bicycles with training wheels: 3-6 year olds

This is most often the first real childrens bike. Typically, these bikes have 12 ", 14" and 16 "wheels and small training wheels.

The key factor in choosing is the same as mentioned above. The upper pipe of the frame must not be up to the crotch, it must be possible to reach the handlebar and press the brake. Unlike the balance bike, pedals will have to be used to get moving forward.

Šie velosipēdi ir arī ātrāki par balansa velosipēdiem. Ar šādu velosipēdu nokrist ir vieglāk un kritiens ir no lielāka augstuma. Ja šis velosipēds būs par lielu, tad smaguma centrs būs par augstu un bērns kritīs biežāk, tāpēc izvēlamies atbilstošu izmēru.

These bikes are also faster than balance bikes. It is easier to fall down with such a bike and the falls are from higher heights. If this bike is big, then the center of gravity will be high and the child will fall more often, so choose the right size.

12"-16" Bikes

Next level: 20 "bikes for 5-8 year olds.

This is definitely the first serious childrens bike. Such bikes are usually also equipped with gear switches, both handbrake and sometimes even a shock absorbers.

Gear shifters for children of this age are not very necessary, but thanks to them, the child can easier get up in the mountains, and it's just more interesting for the child.

We recommend that you choose the bike as light as possible so that your child can enjoy riding well.

20" Bikes

Kids are growing fast: The next size is a 24 "bike for children aged 8-11.

Such bikes are usually equipped with gear shifters, both arm brakes and, most often, a shock absorber. At this age, children are usually already controll the bike very well and use all the opportunities it offers. We also recommend the 24 "bike to get as light as possible so that the bike can be more easily controlled and maneuvered.

24" Bikes

Teenage bicycles with 26 "and 27.5" wheels for bigger children.

For children whose height already reaches 145cm or more, a teen bike should be selected. Teen bicycles are small sized adult bikes.

Teen Bikes

The final recommendations

  • Choose the right size for a specific time.
  • Make sure the bike fits.
  • Use our size chart, but remember that they are only recommendations.
  • Make sure the child is comfortable on the bike and that the child likes the bike you choose.
  • Choose the lightest and best equipped bike.
  • We recommend consulting the mysport shop experts who will always help you find the most suitable bike for your child.

* The description was prepared and published by SIA MySport. Copying and republish is strictly prohibited.

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