About us


Welcome to our shop!

MySport is a company created by fit and active like-minded people – a specialized sports shop, where everything you can find all the necessary things for cycling, jogging and cross-country skiing. Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete, amateur or beginner, we have the necessary equipment and accessories for everyone.

With a genuine passion and a lot of work we improve our knowledge of these sports and pass them on to our faithful customers.

We work hard to provide the best range of products and service.

We ourselves are engaged in cycling, running and cross-country skiing to be able to understand customers’ needs, to try the latest products and to recommend the most suitable equipment.

Our motto is knowledge, quality and service

Our motto has been with us since the moment of opening the shop and is an integral part of the specialized sports shop.


When you shop in our shop or online store, you can be sure that you buy from someone who really knows what kind of equipment is suitable for you. You can be sure that you will get answers to your questions, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete. Use our knowledge and buy the most suitable equipment.


When you shop in our store you can be sure that you buy high-quality equipment, which will be suitable for you. Quality also means that we provide prompt customer service, good service and timely delivery to customers who shop in our online store.


Service or quality of services that we provide is very important to us. We will answer all of your questions and help you to choose the most suitable equipment. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience.

Both our stores provide high-quality service for bicycles and skis