X-Socks Biking Pro Socks

Finely woven, but extremely durable.

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X-Socks Biking Pro Socks

Tough performance. strong achievement. Technical, stylish, lightweight: the same characteristics as a performance road bike. X-Socks® meets the requirements of professional riders 100 %. The black front section connects directly to the wide-mesh AirConditioning® Channel. Together with the Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ it ensures a supply of fresh air under the soles. Finely woven, but extremely durable. Special protectors are fitted at areas subject to increased wear. Maximum power transfer combined with optimal protection: perfect for tough races. 


  • ToeTip Protector: Asymmetrical impact-absorbing protectors made of hollow-core Robur™ fibers cushion and protect toes at the pressure-sensitive tips.
  • Toe Protector: Guards against blisters and chafing.
  • Heel Protector: Guards against pressure and friction. 
  • AirFlow™ AnklePads: Ankle bones are often scraped up during falls since they jut out from the sides of the legs. The crescent-moon-shaped alignment of the pads offers the best possible protection without affecting the ventilation ability of the AirConditioning Channel®. 
  • X-Cross® Bandage: The unique crossover ankle bands, knit of elastic materials, give stressed tendons, muscles and joints secure hold and stability without limiting freedom of movement.
  • Self-adjusting cuff: Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting. 
  • AirCool Stripes™: Knit like a fine net of air permeable Mythlan™. This results in cooling ventilation on the soles of the feet.
  • Anatomically shaped footbed: For "L"-left and "R"-right foot with integrated AirConditioning Channel®.
  • Material: 52% polyamide, 33% polyester, 12% polypropylene, 3% elastane
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