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X-Socks XC Racing | Zeķes slēpošanai

Technique is pivotal to success in cross-country skiing, involving the optimum conversion of power into forward movement. To cope with the enduring, constant strain to which this discipline subjects the feet, maximum resistance to abrasion and wear is essential. Blisters and painful feet can be avoided only if they are well climate-conditioned and remain dry. To this end, climate-control materials, along with cushiong and spacing zones, have been worked into the socks to provide optimum protection for the feet. The feet remain well climate-conditioned and dry at all times.

  • Self-adjusting Cuff - firm hold

  • Shin Protector - protects and absorbs

  • Calf Protector - reduces friction

  • AirConditioning Channel - ventilates and dries

  • X-Cross Bandage - stabilises the ankle joint

  • ISO-Blocker -against cold bridges

  • ToeTip Protector - protects tips of toes

  • Toe Protector - against blisters and chafing

  • Anatomically-shaped Footbed - for "L"-left and "R"-right foot with integrated AirConditioning Channel

  • Ankle Protector - reduces friction

  • Heel Protector - against pressure and friction

  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System - lateral ventilation under the sole

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