Vauhti GF389 - K15 Fluor grip wax 45g

new snow -1°…-5°C
old snow -1°…-7°C


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Vauthi K15 fluor grip wax 45g

new snow -1°…-5°C
old snow -1°…-7°C

  • A wax developed for new, fine snow in mild winter conditions. With this wax, you will sweep through the difficult new snow ‘violet’ conditions. The grip properties of K15 take hold even in temperatures of -0.5°…-1°C and, thanks to the new composition, its glide properties are much better than with the previous violet grip waxes. This is most visible in conditions of -2°C and below. You can use K15 on new snow down to -5°C and on old snow down to -10°C and still have good glide.
  • No risk of freezing in any kind of snow! At its best in conditions where the lower parts of the ski trail are at a temperature near zero and the higher parts clearly below freezing.
  • Note! K15 is at its best on new or fine snow. For coarse snow and trails that are packed hard with snow (-3°C and colder conditions), we recommend K18, which has been developed specially for these conditions.

The improved performance of the new K-Line fluoride grip waxes comes from a revolutionary ingredient that reacts to temperature more precisely than ever before. Thanks to this innovation, the risk of the grip wax freezing in sub-zero temperatures is reduced considerably. K-Line Fluor Grips have a wide operating range. The operating ranges have been marked separately for new and old snow.

The grip of the three softest waxes in the K-line range is related as follows: the K15 grip weakens when the temperature approaches zero, but then K12 takes over with excellent grip around 0°C. Then when the K12 grip is less at the warmest of its range, the K9 grip is at its best. K-line is an excellent choice for recreational skiers due to its good gripping properties and wide operating range.

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