BBB BSM-2 Patron Iphone 4 | Telefona turētājs

Viegls un ērts telefona turētājs, piemērots Iphone 4.

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BBB BSM-2 Patron Iphone 4 | Telefona turētājs

After using bike-specific iPhone cases from a number of suppliers BBB weren’t truely happy with any of them, so they went to their drawing board. BBB wanted the case to be slim, so you can leave the phone in it’s case in everyday use. They designed a combination of a polycarbonate shell with a lens shield and two silicone sleeves to provide impact resistance and shock absorption. The sleeves come in two versions: a more open one for optimal usage of the phone’s functions in good weather, the other is a more sealed design to shield your phone against the elements. This is a light solution, the case weighs a mere 69 grams including mount. The mount will fit on both stems and handlebars, and allows for the phone to be mounted in a portrait or landscape position.

- turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into a high-end bicycle computer
- slim case for everyday use
- the polycarbonate housing impact resistant shell for protection against falls
- a shock absorbing silicone case ensures for added stability and protection
- the set includes a summer and rain case for optimal weather dependent use
- extra shock padding in the back provides a full enclosure padding
- a lens shield for the rear camera prevents damage from road dirt
- guarantees full iPhone operability
- mountable in portrait or landscape
- adjustable viewing angle for optimal viewing or filming
- mountable on stem and handlebar with included BSM-91 PhoneFix
- weight: 69 grams incl. bracket

Please note: An iPhone is not included in delivery.

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