Swix CH5X Blue Wax 60g. -8C to -14C

Temperature range - -8°C to -14°C


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Swix CH5X Blue Wax 60g. -8C to -14C

  • -8°C to -14°C (18°F to 7°F).
  • Designed to fill the gap between CH4X and CH6X.
  • It is easier to work with than CH4X while retaining glide and durability in cold condition.
  • A very durable wax, and an excellent choice for man-made snow.
  • Runs well alone as a cold condition, low humidity race wax.
  • Can be run as a race wax when used with Cera F (FC05X).
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 150ºC (300°F).
  • 60 gram bar.
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