KV+ Tornado Clip Blue

  • Material: 100% Carbon
  • Weight: 54 g/m

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KV+ Tornado Clip Blue

New patented KV+ Power Handle shape provides an exclusive transmission ot the power.Martin Johnsrud Sundby

The innovative position of the strap with the handle transfers the power of the push directly into the shaft`s center.

During the push the power transmission becomes shorter and reiches the snow faster.

KV+ Power Handle guarantees the best performance and great results to the skier.

  • Material: 100% Carbon
  • Weight: 54 g/m
  • Handle Ø 16.5 mm
  • Disk Ø 8.5 mm
  • 130/180 cm
  • Interval 2.5 cm
Handle: 5P102. OR, Power Clip OR
Strap: 6P200, Elite clip
Disk: 3P300. OR, Elite

5P001 Weight:0.800 kg

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