X-Socks Run Energizer Socks, X20327

X-Socks Run Energizer Socks

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X-Socks Run Energizer Socks

The compression speeds up the transport of venous blood back to the heart and improves blood circulation and nutrient supply. Compression also increases the regeneration und reduces danger of thrombosis. Run Energizer provide 13-point protection to yout feet by a clever protector system.


  • Self adjusting Cuff®: For individual fit without slipping and cutting in.
  • AirConditioning Channel®: Ventilates and enables dry feet step by step.
  • AirGoTex™ Netknitting: Enables a permanent ventilation at the instep.
  • Toe Protector: Prevents blisters and chafing.
  • Stretching Rib: Optimizes fit.
  • ToeTip Protector: Protects the tips of the toes.
  • Anatomically shaped footbed: Specially adapted to left and right foot.
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System™: Provides lateral ventilation under the sole.
  •  Heel Protector: Reduces friction and pressure.
  • AirFlow™ AnklePads: Encourages active air exchange.
  • X-Cross Bandage: Stabilizes the ankle joint.
  • Material: 50% polyamide, 32% polyester, 13% polypropylene, 5% elastane
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