X-Socks Sky Run V2.0 Socks, X20038

X-Socks Sky Run V2.0 Socks

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 Featuring convincing sweat management, perfect cushioning and optimal support

22,75 €

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22,75 €
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X-Socks Sky Run V2.0 Socks

No other product from X-SOCKS has collected more triumphant reviews than the ever-popular and best-selling X-SOCKS Sky Run. Featuring convincing sweat management, perfect cushioning and optimal support.

  • AirConditioning Channel: With the newly conceptualised AirConditioning Channels, air circulation has been significantly improved
  • Triple-Instep Protector: With the intelligent three-piece construction of the Instep protector, pressure points are minimised and air circulation is improved by a third
  • Extensor Protector: The three-piece protector relieves pressure on two cord-like tendons, thus reducing the risk of tendon strain by up to 50%
  • Triple AirGuides: Thanks to the use of the newly developed air deflector system at the edges and in the core of the AirConditioning Channel, their effectiveness has increased by 25%, as has their stability
  • Self-Adjusting Cuff: Adapts to any size leg without slipping or constricting, and ensures a perfect hold
  • X-Cross Bandage: Cushions and stabilises the sensitive ankle area without restricting freedom of movement
  • AirFlow Ankle Protector: Provides the ankle with maximum protection
  • Toe Protector: Guards against blisters and chafingToe Tip Protector: Protects tips of toesTraverse Air
  • Flow Channel System: Lateral ventilation under the sole of the foot
  • Anatomically Shaped Sinofit Footbed: For “L” -left and “R” -right foot with integrated AirConditioning Channel. A thousand tiny loops made up of 99.9% pure silver softly cocoon the foot and minimise bacteria build-up effectively, thus preventing foot odour and significantly reducing the risk of athletes foot and other unpleasant infections
  • Heel Protector: Reduces friction, pressure and the risk of blisteringLambertz-Nicholson Achilles’ Tendon Protector: Relieves the Achilles tendonStretching Rib: Optimises fit
  • TECHNICAL COMPOSITION:40 % SkinNODOR, 21 % Nylon, 12 % Mythlan,10 % SilverNODOR and 14 % Robur
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