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Orca S4 Fullsleeve - Hidrotērps triatlonam

Orca S4 Fullsleeve Hidrotērps triatlonam

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Budžeta klases hidrotērps triatlonam ar 3-4 mm biezu neoprēnu. Elastīgā kakla daļa samazina ūdens pretestību.

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134,45 €
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Orca S4 Fullsleeve - Hidrotērps triatlonam


  • Orca's generation s-series speedsuit, the S4 has been completely re-designed with performance grade materials, setting a new benchmark for entry level open water swimming wetsuits.
  • Building on the popularity of the orca S3, the S4 offers full neoprene coverage, including premium SCS coated 3-4mm Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene across the full front of the wetsuit for hydrodynamics, flexibility, buoyancy and durability.
  • The underarm and shoulder panels use a 2mm Yamamoto 39 cell SCS coated neoprene for increased range of motion and comfort.
  • The back of the S4 is constructed from 3mm Smoothskin neoprene, providing high levels of buoyancy and thermal protection.
  • The silicone-print Hydrostroke Forearm catch panels aid increased power through the stroke, while Speed Transition panels on the calves make removing the wetsuit much easier.
  • The new flexiseal neck is constructed from soft, supple 39 cell neoprene.


  • flexiseal neck limits water entry | reduces chafing | reduces drag
  • slipstream zip - low drag | easy to use
  • speed transition calf panels aid easy removal of suit enabling faster transition times
  • 39 cell yamamoto neoprene - full front coverage of 39 cell - a high grade of neoprene for an entry level suit
  • silicone hydrostroke forearm panels - increased water catchment giving more pull power and traction
  • design - striking visibility, single colour, asymetrical pattern
Size Dārzciema iela 60 Ķekavas novads, Krustkalni, Nagļi. Blakus Rimi A7