X-Socks Accumulator Running Socks, X20386

X-Socks Accumulator Running Socks

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X-Socks Accumulator Running Socks

The luxury class, state of the art compression sock. The X-BIONIC Partial Compression was developed especially for long-distance endeavors. You'll feel it immediately: The compression stabilizes your muscles and optimizes the transport of nutrients. Plus the pressure is only distributed horizontally across the knit ridges as to still use your skin as the cooling surface. Above and below, the skin's function remains unimpaired. Combined with the AirConditioning Channel, numerous cushioning zones, and the anatomically designed footbed, the Accumulator Run helps achieving the best performance. Also practical: With the PositioningLines an athlete can adjust the zones for a personal fit. 


  • Self adjusting Cuff: For individual fit without slipping and cutting in.
  • AirConditioning Channel: Ventilates and enables dry feet step by step.
  • Achilles tendon protector: Shock absorbing Robur fabric reduces the incidence of pressure points and the risk of scaping and bruising.
  • Toe Protector: Prevents blisters and chafing.
  • ToeTip Protector: Protects the tips of the toes.
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System: Provides lateral ventilation under the sole.
  • Heel Protector: Reduces friction and pressure.
  • AirFlow AnklePads: Encourages active air exchange.
  • X-Cross Bandage: Stabilizes the ankle joint.
  • Instep Protector: Reduces pressure and minimizes the risk of skin irritations and abrasions.
  • PositioningLines are adjustable on the shin. This ability guarantees that the Partial Kompression zone lies optimally in order to fully experience its value.
    With anatomical shaped insole for right and left. Feet are protected and supported, also on hard undergrounds. Hardly claimed parts of the foot, like heel or bale are individually padded and protected.
  • Material: 86% polyamide, 10% polypropylene, 4% elastane
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