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Cools When You’re Sweating And Maintains Body Temperature At 37°


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Cools When You’re Sweating And Maintains Body Temperature At 37°

X-BIONIC® Energizer® works to maintain body temperature at an optimum 37°C, cooling you down when you sweat, and keeping you warm when you’re cold. Its clever regulation system works with the most reliable of starters: your sweat. One-of-a-kind, and effective with its cooling power starting exactly when you need it.

If no sweat is present, then a unique process uses air heated by the body as thermal insulation. The award-winning X-BIONIC® Energizer® has been developed by scientists and tested by endurance athletes.

  • 3D-BionicSphere® System in the chest, back, lower stomach and tailbone –moisture is rapidly drawn off for evaporation. The sluice effect replaces hot, moist air with new fresh air. No draughts but perfect ventilation, keeping the athlete cool and dry
  • AirConditioning Channels® - continuously carry away moisture and warmth away from the sweat zones and allows air to circulate freely
  • SweatTraps® – designed for the large area under the arm, prevents dripping sweat and cools effectively
  • Hip Holder – the lateral rib construction at the hip keeps the waistband in position during sport activity
  • AirGuides™ – work like spacers and borders along the AirConditioning Channel®
  • ExpansionRibs™ – the ExpansionRibs that form the elbow and knee cushions work like an accordion. The flexibility and elasticity of the knit fabric allows frictionless freedom of movement, provides insulation, and keeps symptoms of muscle exhaustion at bay

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