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Compressport Trail Quad | MySport.lv

Compressport Trail Quad

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With trail runners in mind, Compressport developed a new version of its For Quad specifically designed for trail running


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Compressport Trail Quad

With trail runners in mind, Compressport developed a new version of its For Quad specifically designed for trail running.... The same benefits of the classic For Quad combined with cutting edge trail running features.


Thanks to the silicon printing on the quad muscles areas, you can put your hands on your thighs and push off when climbing without slipping. Ideal for steep climbing, particularly during repeated efforts.


The reflective logo is perfect for being seen at night and in bad weather.


A band of micro fibre protects the sensitive skin around the inner thigh.

And always…

The TRAIL RUNNING FOR QUAD covers and compresses the thighs, thereby enhancing:

During effort:

  • knee support
  • shock absorption
  • reduction of muscle vibration
  • Mitigates the weakening of muscle fibres (which often impacts performance during exercise)

 After effort during recovery:

  • blood flow activation
  • help in lactic acid evacuation
  • re-oxygenation of blood
  • reduction of inflammation and aches, so less pain and quicker recovery

The special ultralight and highly resilient fibre was specially designed to provide maximum compression with minimal weight.

The fibre and shape of your TRAIL RUNNING FORQUAD is designed to fit every curve of your body perfectly, maximising performance and comfort (no chafing).

360 degres compression around the thigh area reduces the impact of shock waves and vibrations through the muscles and joints, avoiding the breakdown of muscle fibre and joint pain. This results in effective relief against muscle pain, contractions, micro injuries and reduces muscle fatigue and the risk of injury.

Top quality production

With absolute quality in mind, the COMPRESSPORT® TRAIL RUNNING FORQUAD from our compression range is designed and developed in Switzerland using European fibres and made by sports clothing specialists.

The exclusive COMPRESSPORT® fibre has a massaging effect on the skin that invigorates and provides great comfort. Its new tubular weave (micro-tubes) allows for improved air circulation, boosting thermo-regulation.

Water-repellent: does not retain moisture meaning you stay dry and fresh.

 This seamless medical fibre is lightweight and compressive.

 OEKO-TEX certified

 The innovative fibres used have the OEKO-TEX world-renowned inspection certificate.

This certification declares that the fibres contain no chemical substances harmful to the skin and humans.

2-year replacement guarantee and money back within 30 days!

Like all COMPRESSPORT® products, the TRAIL RUNNING FORQUAD benefits from a 2-year replacement guarantee and users can get their money back if they are not satisfied within 30 days of purchase.

Wear the ForQuad under your trail running shorts. Unlike conventional compression shorts the ForQuad doesn't cover the groin, so it doesn't need to be machine washed after each use – it can be hand washed in the shower then worn again straight away for recovery

Compressport Quad Size Chart

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