Vauhti GF392 | K18 Fluor grip wax | 45g

Vauhti GF392 - K18 Fluor grip wax 45g

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New snow -2°…-8°C

Old snow -2°…-12°C

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Vauthi K18 fluor grip wax 45g

New snow -2°…-8°C

Old snow -2°…-12°C

  • A viscous, all-purpose wax that sticks extremely well to your skis for use in sub-zero conditions. At its best on old, coarse snow. The best gripping temperatures begin at -2°C and extend to approximately -12°C on old snow or on a hard-packed trail. The wax can be used alone or as a base wax for other K-Line products , for which it is an excellent choice. This wax is extremely durable.
  • Note! K18 is specifically designed for old, coarse snow. For new snow
  • -2…-5°C, we recommend K15, which has been developed for these conditions as a surface wax.

The improved performance of the new K-Line fluoride grip waxes comes from a revolutionary ingredient that reacts to temperature more precisely than ever before. Thanks to this innovation, the risk of the grip wax freezing in sub-zero temperatures is reduced considerably. K-Line Fluor Grips have a wide operating range. The operating ranges have been marked separately for new and old snow.

The grip of the three softest waxes in the K-line range is related as follows: the K15 grip weakens when the temperature approaches zero, but then K12 takes over with excellent grip around 0°C. Then when the K12 grip is less at the warmest of its range, the K9 grip is at its best. K-line is an excellent choice for recreational skiers due to its good gripping properties and wide operating range.

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