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Marwe 610C | Skating Rollerskis

Marwe 610C Skating Rollerskis

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High quality skating style roller ski with flexible composite shaft. The shafts are tested and paired for stiffness enabling a better ski feel.

320,00 €

Leasing payment: 12 x 34,45 €

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320,00 €
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Marwe 610C Skating Rollerskis

Skating 610 C is the all-time best skating style roller ski, which is de facto standard among top international skiers. Skating 610 C simulates perfectly skiing on snow. Flexible shaft dampens noise and vibrations minimizing stress to skier and therefore enables higher amount of training. The shafts are tested and paired for same stiffness enabling a perfect ski feel. Legendary Marwe urethane wheels have multiple time better endurance than competitors and have outstanding wet grip. Skating 610 C enables skiers to use same technique on rollers than on snow. Therefore skiers can practice skiing technique all-year round and are able to easily transfer from road to snow, when snow season begins.

  • Wheel D x w: 105 x 25 
  • Wheel material: urethane
  • Weight/pair: 1,75 kg
  • Ground clearance: 34 mm
  • Rolling-friction: (0) small, (6) medium, (7) great, (8) very great


Wheels Dārzciema iela 60 Ķekavas novads, Krustkalni, Nagļi. Blakus Rimi A7