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Compressport UR2 | Ultra Race&Recovery | Calf

Compressport UR2 (Ultra Race&Recovery) Calf socks

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Ideal for those who go the whole way and more (Marathon, Ultra, IronMan, etc).

45,00 €

Leasing payment: 12 x 4,85 €

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45,00 €
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Compressport UR2 (Ultra Race&Recovery) Calf

  • COMPRESSPORT® innovates yet again by offering you COMPRESSPORT® UR2 (Ultra Race & Recup).
  • Ideal for those who go the whole way and more (Marathon, Ultra, IronMan, etc).
  • Every centimetre of fibre is loaded with Thousands of capsules containing 6 essential oils renowned for their soothing and myorelaxing virtues.
  • Make the most of the exclusive dual action Compression + microcaps with essential oils to boost your performance and recovery even further.
  • COMPRESSPORT® for your recoveryAfter sport COMPRESSPORT® accompanies you throughout your recovery so you can regain light feeling legs, ready for another training session.Intelligent textile:COMPRESSPORT® UR2 are the first to boast the new “micro- encapsulated textile” technology.
  • Millions of micro-capsules of ORGANIC essential oils are embedded in the textile constantly releasing their active ingredients onto your legs.
  • The gradual compression associated with the encapsulated essential oils is the new winning dual-action to ensure well being to your legs!
  • COMPRESSPORT®, muscular-tear preventionThe COMPRESSPORT® fibre is designed to reduce shock waves generated by running on hard ground.It therefore significantly reduces the oscillating movement of the muscles (muscle fibres), slowing down muscle fatigue thereby limiting risks of injury.

Compressport R2 (Race&Recovery) Size Chart


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